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Best Bed Buying Guide

by luxmodernbeds Admin

Best Bed Buying Guide

Find the bed you need with our bed buying guide.

Choosing your dream bed is anything but simple. From knowing your style to picking the right size and type, we are here to guide you.

A Good Bed Benefits your Lifestyle

We can all agree that good sleep is essential to a healthy life. That’s why you want to match your bed with your sleeping needs. It goes hand in hand with the rhythm of your life to help balance your mood and emotions.

Which Type of Bed do you Want?

  • Adjustable Beds
  • We start with beds that are now popular for their superior comfort.  They improve comfort since they can be lowered and raised according to your preference. If you tend to wake up with lower back pain or your joints are not in the best shape, you may want to invest in an adjustable bed.

    With their high level of flexibility, these beds are also credited for relieving health problems like sleep apnea, acid reflux, and even snoring.

    Our modern silhouettes are sleek and designed by some of the best brands in the market. Here you are looking at Ergomotion and Fashion Bed Group that present incredible performance in adjustable beds.

  • Platform Beds
  • This is a common type of bed that consists of a horizontal solid frame that is raised and leveled. You will identify this type of bed with the low profile design that leaves little clearance between the bed frame and the floor.

    Some platform beds may have storage underneath the bed or have the support of the bed underneath it rather than on the sides in a floating design.

  • Canopy Beds
  • Character, elegance, and a romance. Canopy beds are some of the most dramatic beds. You can have yours with full or draped curtains to make a statement. You will want to know the ceiling clearance, shape, and size of the canopy bed, more so, if you're going to bring home tall posters that go up to the ceiling.

    You can also make a statement with low poster beds that bring out the classic look in your bed style.

  • Sleigh Beds
  • This bed resembles the traditional sleigh with a wide headboard that is curved outwards. The feet are also scrolled to follow the design of the headboard. Sleigh beds can take more space than standard beds because of the curves. As such, it is also important to match the dimensions of the bed you desire with the space that you have.

    We love sleigh beds in contemporary settings since the headboards are now sophisticated. You can still find traditional sleigh beds that are inspired by their French roots.

  • Upholstered Beds
  • These beds are stylish. The headboard is thick, shapely, and cushioned with upholstery. These beds are also considered comfortable if you sit up in bed to browse on your laptop or read a book. The beauty of it is that you can choose a beautiful fabric that will truly personalize your bedroom.

  • Trundles
  • These beds are common in kids’ bedrooms. They are a pair of beds where the second one is let out on casters. The bottom bed is a nice spare for your kid’s friends’ sleepovers or storing extra bedding neatly underneath the bed.

  • Day Beds
  • Ideal for small spaces, daybeds work as regular beds when it’s time to turn in, but during the day act as lounge chairs and sofas. They are great as guest beds or for use in lofts and studios.

    Know your Style

  • Modern Beds
  • If you want a cozy bedroom atmosphere, a bed that showcases modern times is the way to go. These beds overlap with contemporary beds but what’s unique is that they represent modernity after the 1950s.

  • Contemporary Beds
  • These beds showcase what is popular now. They are not old-fashioned or inspired by earlier centuries. They use modern materials to give the bedroom a contemporary setting.

    It’s where you will find cool platform designs with floating illusions. Others have glass frames, while some rock back and forth, or provide more privacy than a canopy bed.

  • Classic Beds
  • These beds are traditional beds with a customized headboard. It can be woven, modern, contemporary, upholstered. It just has to require a mattress and a box spring.

  • Traditional Beds
  • For those who love beds that look like timepieces, you are probably looking at a traditional bed. Some of them are handcrafted using conventional materials while others use hardwoods to achieve a rich look of elegance. These beds usually require a box spring.

  • Mid Century Modern Beds
  • These beds are classified by the time in which they were popular which is between the 1930s to 1950s. They have an understated classic look usually with international influence. Most of these beds are primarily made of wood with rich pattern and texture that stays within a color range. You will find headboards made of teak wood, Scandinavian headboards, etc.


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